Local historian claims he's found 'last remaining piece of original Berlin Wall' in woods

Local historian claims he's found 'last remaining piece of original Berlin Wall' in woods

Christian Bormann claims to have found part of the Berlin Wall (YouTube/Bormann Pankowerchronik)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A local historian in Germany claims he’s discovered 80 metres of original Berlin Wall which was never demolished in woods.

Christian Bormann has said he's found what he thinks is “the last remaining piece of the original wall," according to The Local.

The wall is in the Pankow district. Nearby lie a series of posts which are said to have once held tripwires and electrified wires to stop anyone trying to get over the feared boundary, which separated East and West Germany.

When the wall was first erected in 1961, authorities used these wires as a quick solution to keeping people back from it. They later reinforced the perimeter, creating two separate concrete walls with watchtowers, machine guns and anti-vehicle trenches in between.

The 'mprovements' meant the final wall was in a slightly different location to the original, which had been created at speed. Bormann claims his discovery was part of the older wall, left behind when the upgrade was built.

Bormann claims to have known about the wall in the woods since 1999, but now wanted to reveal it in an attempt to stop it from ever being demolished. He is asking authorities in the Pankow district to list it as a historical monument.

Although the local historian has said this is the last part of the original wall, newspaper Die Welt claims there are still two other parts of it which are still partially intact.  

There are large parts of the final wall left in place in Berlin, but much of this has now been covered with artwork and now serves as a reminder of the horrors of segregation, as well as a tourist attraction.

Check out Bormann's video below: