Locals slam new 'Turdis' toilet installed by Transport for London on leafy residential street


The toilet has been dubbed the 'Turdis' by locals. Image: SWNS

Friday, January 25, 2019

Transport for London has come under fire for installing a large private toilet for bus drivers on a leafy residential street, which has been dubbed the 'Turdis' by locals.

The cubicle is part of a plan to improve conditions for drivers, and there are plans to install 40 more across the capital.

The locked toilets are only for the use of bus drivers who need to use the facilities whilst on duty.

The new toilet in Chigwell, Essex. Image: SWNS

The new toilet has appeared in Chigwell, Essex, where the average asking price for a house is £673,000, and locals are up in arms about the new addition which they have compared to Doctor Who's Tardis due to its size and shape.

One 66-year-old Chigwell resident branded the new toilet an "eyesore" and said its sudden appearance caused a "fair deal of confusion".



She said: "I think it should be removed, the first time I saw it I wasn't sure what it was - it's ugly and doesn't do much for the area.

"The council didn't tell me anything, I'm not the only one that's fuming over this, we want to see it removed as soon as possible."

An identical toilet was removed earlier this month in Petts Wood in south east London, after residents complained.


'We will be asking TfL to move the location'

The toilet has been dubbed the 'Turdis' by residents. Image: SWNS

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Council said they would be asking TfL to move the toilet.

"They [TfL] are within their legal rights to do this, but we would normally expect them to consult with residents first," she said.

"We are surprised this hasn’t been done and recognise residents’ concerns about the location of the toilet we will be asking TfL to move the location.”

Nick Fairholme, the director of project and programme delivery at TfL, said: "We try to be mindful of residents when we install these important facilities and we will meet the local community to discuss their concerns."