London 2012: The remarkable stuntman who parachuted to earth as the Queen five years ago

Gary Connery - amazing stunts of the daredevil behind the Queen's skydive in London 2012

Connery is seen here on the bottom left of the shot as he leapt to fame at London 2-12

Friday, July 28, 2017

Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of the London 2012 opening ceremony to the Olympic Games, which had many unforgettable moments.

From Jess's tears to the Mobot, we've been left with a treasure trove of memories from that golden fortnight.

But perhaps the most memorable moment of all, at least visually, was when 'the Queen' parachuted to earth with James Bond on opening night five years ago today.

In case you've somehow forgotten it, here's a clip:

The Queen was portrayed by an intrepid stuntman called Gary Connery, a British-born thrill junkie who has carved out a reputation as one of Hollywood's most successful stunt doubles. 

Among the credits to his name are films such as Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsBatman Begins, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

And one things for sure: he's certainly a daredevil. 

Here are some of his best stunts:

1. Queen Skydive:

It’s probably one of his most iconic stunts, and while you saw it on the TV, this is what the Queen’s Skydive would have looked like from Connery’s point of view.

You can see the massive crowd gathered in the stadium below, and the reaction to the stunt which garnered major attention.

2. Wingsuit Landing without a parachute

Here, Connery took on what could be considered the ultimate daredevil’s stunt. He was taken up 2,400 feet in a helicopter, where he proceeded to leap out and glide back down to Earth.

Here’s the kick – he didn’t have a parachute. His landing was to be an enormous pile of cardboard boxes, 18,000 of them. And he pulled it off, as could be seen when the stunt was streamed live on Sky News.

It was the first time anyone in the world had attempted - and completed - such a stunt.

3. Wingsuit Flight above Dubai and Rio



Connery’s conducted wingsuit flights over two of the world's biggest cities. The videos make for amazing viewing.

The camera over Dubai provides incredible views of the man-made Palm Archipelago and you can actually see the curvature of the earth. It’s nothing short of breathtaking. 

4. A BASE jump while on fire

Here, Connery parachuted down from a crane. Not only that, he did it while he was on fire. Daredevil, indeed. 

5. A BASE Jump from KL tower in Malaysia

The Kuala Lumpur Tower, abbreviated as KT Tower, is one of the tallest buildings in Malaysia and the seventh tallest freestanding building in the world.

In this video Connery makes it look like nothing as he executes a few somersaults before opening his parachute and floating gracefully back down to Earth.