London Attack witness: 'I saw someone throw a table at the terrorists'

London Bridge remains in lockdown after last night's attacks

London Bridge remains in lockdown after last night's attacks

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A witness to last night's London terror attacks has described the pandemonium that ensued at Borough Market last night.

Richard Angell said he was dining in a restaurant in Borough Market when the three terrorists converged on the scene at around 10pm.

Angell, who revealed he was also almost caught up in the Westminster attacks earlier this year, says he and his fellow diners were told to get down and lock the door, leading to panic. 

Then he saw a man throw a table at one of the attackers in the restaurant opposite, before a man walked out of that same restaurant "absolutely covered in blood."

He said he had a pregnant lady with him who needed attention, and described how he saw the police fly into the chaos, praising their courage and professionalism.

Angell said the experience was totally surreal, and it was only when he got into a taxi a couple of hours later that the full horror dawned on him.

Despite the tragedy, he says he has no intention of leaving London or avoiding the city centre, giving a passionate account of his love for the city.

Listen to the incredible audio above.