London Attacks: Muslim witness says 'these insane cowards don't represent me'

Samine witnessed the aftermath of the attack and even sheltered tourists fleeing for their lives

London Bridge was in lockdown this morning

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Muslim girl who witnessed the carnage in London Bridge last night said the "cowards" who attacked the world-famous landmark don't represent her.

Samine told our reporter Alex Dibble she was forced to run through Borough Market area, close to her house, after hearing the call to run, followed by piercing screams.

Samine spoke about seeing "fear on so many people's faces as they ran for their lives" and told Alex that, once she arrived home, she offered shelter to tourists who were also fleeing the market.

Discussing her viewpoint as a Muslim, Samine said: "To have this cowards that use the word Islam to determine this act is just insane. This is a holy month for Muslims, a month for fasting, a month to reflect.

"The word 'Islam' means peace... these barbaric people use the word Islam as an act to do this but it does not speak for my faith, and it doesn't speak for Muslims around the world.

"This is not what our faith tells us to do. They won't win."