London Attacks: 'They forced me out of my house and made me leave my girlfriend behind'

The witness says officers looked extremely nervous as they responded to last night's events

London Bridge was a scene of horror and panic last night

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A resident of the London Bridge area has told talkRADIO he was forced to evacuate his flat and leave his girlfriend behind after last night's terror attack.

Speaking to our reporter Alex Dibble, the man said he went downstairs to find out what had happened in the minutes after the attack, and police called him over, looking "very nervous."

The police ordered him to join a throng of people being evacuated from a nearby pub. The crowd was forced to run across Southwark Bridge in what the witness describes "a pretty wild scene."

All the while, his girlfriend was still at their flat and was forced to endure the panic and horror alone.

Listen to the interview above.