London Bridge attack: Emily Thornberry accuses Theresa May of playing party politics and says 'enough was enough after 9/11'

London Bridge attack: Theresa May's rhetoric 'not terribly helpful', says Emily Thornberry

The shadow foreign secretary took issue with the Prime Minister's speech in the wake of the terror attack

Monday, June 5, 2017

Emily Thornberry has accused Theresa May of making a "party political" speech yesterday and suggesting "enough was enough after 9.11"

In the wake of a terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market which killed seven and injured dozens, the Prime Minister gave a speech on Sunday to provide the country with information. 

In this speech, she outlined how "things need to change" in order to fight what she claimed was a "growing trend" in terrorism. 

May said internet providers needed to change how they worked with terrorist groups, and insisted "enough is enough."

Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, said this speech struck her as "party political", and a breach of an agreement between Labour and the Tories to suspend campaigning for the general election following the attack. 

In an interview with Paul Ross as he aired live from London Bridge, she said the "enough is enough" line wasn't "terribly helpful" because "it did indicate this happened in a general election, which is unfortunate."

When asked as to the whereabouts of Diane Abbott, she said she didn't know, but suggested that terrorism is part of every shadow minister's brief.

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