London Bridge: Friend of Spanish man who disappeared in attack says 'I saw how they stabbed him'

Ignacio Echavarria has been widely credited for his bravery on Saturday night

London Bridge was the scene of carnage on Saturday night

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A friend of the Spanish banker who fought the London Bridge attackers with a skateboard has described his heroic struggle against the terrorists, and said they "cut him deep"

Ignacio Echevarria, 39, had been cycling back from a park with friends when he came upon the scene of Saturday night's carnage. He proceeded to wade into the fight, apparently to protect a woman who was being attacked.

Echevarria remains missing. His sister has visited several London hospitals but there are now reports of him being aong the injured.

Echevarria's friend, Guillermo, has described the chaos to Spanish news outlet Noticias Cuatro. He said: "It seemed like there was a fight a few metres ahead, like 15 or 20 metres, it looked like a fight. Then you focus and see what looks like a guy hitting a woman, a girl, but mercilessly. 

"Suddenly, the next thing I remember is Ignacio there, like in a fight, hitting out at all the guys who were there.

"Guys were there protecting themselves as best they could. Of course, a skateboard against a knife and three or four guys.... they're going to kill you, you have to be brave, really brave.

"Ignacio was on the floor and I've lost him and the next thing I remember is that I had someone next to me with a knife, I had him next to me, I've left as quickly as I can.

"I saw how they stabbed him... to cut him deep."