London Bridge hero who shouted 'f*** you I'm Millwall' at terrorists spared jail for racist rants

Roy Larner was hailed a hero as he recovered from the London Bridge attack

Roy Larner was hailed a hero as he recovered from the London Bridge attack

Monday, January 29, 2018

A have-a-go hero who fought with terrorists in London Bridge while roaring "f*** you, I'm Millwall" has been spared jail for two extraordinary racist rants.

Roy Larner was the subject of a firestorm of criticism after initially being feted for his bravery during last June's terror attack at Borough Market.

A little after a month after his brawl with the Islamic State supporters, the football fan, dubbed 'the Lion of London Bridge' for his courage, launched an islamophobic verbal attack at the offices of local Labour MP in Brixton.

It also emerged that he had attacked a black photographer and hurled racist invective at him in a separate incident.

A court heard that "on 13 July last year, the defendant entered the office of his Labour MP, Neil Coyle.

'He then spoke with a member of staff at the front door and said, 'Sadiq Khan shouldn't even be in the country", and called him "a pile of s***.'"

Jurors heard that he also told an Asian staffer "All Muslims are the same – scum,' before simulating a gun with a rolled-up newspaper.

In a separate attack, which preceded the London Bridge attack by four months, Larner was caught on video spitting at a black photographer and launching into a verbal tirade in Elephant and Castle.

Prosecutors said Larner, who was walking his dogs at the time of the attack, was pushed to breaking point by protests against Brexit and Donald Trump.

Prosecutor Carol Summers told the court that in the footage "He seems to be on the pavement and he says, 'F***ing foreign c***s.'

"He then leans towards the black photographer and spits at him; his head is seen to thrust forwards.

"The photographer says 'Don't spit at me,' about three times and the defendant is saying, 'Don't take a picture of me, you c***.'

"The defendant then walks away to St Georges Road and turns back, shouting, 'People like you stink, foreign c***s, f*** off"."

Larner admitted racially aggravated common assault regarding the attack on February 20 and religiously aggravated harassment on July 13.

In mitigation, his lawyer pointed out that he had performed a heroic service during the London Bridge atrocity, and had voluntarily attended a racial awareness course run by the Millwall community group.

He was sentenced to eight weeks, suspended for 12 months, for spitting on the photographer and fined £50 for his anti-Islam abuse.