London Bridge: The next attack will take place this week, says former Tory security chief

'The public must be told to expect terrorist attack and be prepared to deal with them', says former security spokesperson

A terror attack took place in London

Monday, June 5, 2017

The next terror in Britain will take place in two days, not two weeks, says the the former Conservative Homeland Security spokesperson.

Patrick Mercer, who served in the British army for 25 years, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that we must park "twisted liberalism" and "political correctness" and start to prepare ourselves for the next terror attack.

Mercer says he is so sure a fresh attack is coming that when his son travels on the tube, he asks him if he's got something to use as a bandage and asks his friends if they are trained in first aid.

The interviewee called for the Government to be blunt about the threat facing us and need to share all intelligence about possible terror attacks. He added that a publicity campaign about the signs of an attack must be created, not just signs about unattended bags. 

Mercer said: "The government have got to be blunt about this, they’ve got to deliver a message. Stop them by being alert, no more complaceny, no more wake up calls, understand that our attackers live among us.

"[In the days of the IRA] there was no political correctness, people were told you’re going to be attacked.

"[We must stop] Incorrect political correctness in order to save lives."

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