London Bridge: Spanish 'skateboard hero' Ignacio Echevarria confirmed dead by family

Echevarria's death has still to be offically confirmed

Ignacio Echevarria was widely credited for his bravery

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Spaniard hailed as a hero for fighting one of the London Bridge attackers with a skateboard has been confirmed dead by his family.

Ignacio Echevarria, 39, was caught up in the attacks and reportedly dismounted his bike to take on one of the three attackers, who had been assaulting a woman.

Echevarria's family say he is definitely among the victims, having been told by Spanish ambassador Carlos Bastarreche, according to The Guardian. However the news has yet to be officially confirmed by police. 

The Spanish government has heavily criticised its British counterpart for its failure to categorically identify Echevarria. The country's interior minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, says his family "is enduring an inhuman and desperate situation" and asked how much more evidence British police need to identify a body.

The minister continued by saying he is "surprised how long they are taking to identify a person, particularly when you take into account how the facts have been provided."

Echevarria's family have provided fingerprints to aid the police, but the authorities want to carry out a formal DNA check before making a final identification.