London Imam on work headscarf ban: 'We allow nudists on our streets, so why not headscarves?'

Julia Hartley-Brewer fiercely argues with Imam over work headscarf ban

The ECJ has said headscarves can be banned by employers

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A London Imam has told Julia Hartley-Brewer that banning headscarves at work is a great injustice for women - suggesting that we allow nudists on our streets, so religious headwear should get the same treatment.

The claim by Ajmal Masroor prompted incredulity from our presenter during a fierce debate, which followed the ruling by the European Courts of Justice that it is acceptable for employers to ban employees from wearing headscarves and other religious garments.

Masroor told Julia that "we should not have European courts dictating what we should and shouldn’t do," adding that this is a "great injustice on a woman’s choice".

Julia responded by saying the religious diktat demanding women cover their hair is based on a misconception - that if they don't do so, men will be driven crazy by lust.

Julia also suggested that, if this debate is based on modesty, Masroor himself should cover his head. In response, Masroor claimed the "hair industry would indicate women spend far more money on hair than men do".

Listen to the full interview above