'London is not safe in Sadiq Khan's hands' - George Galloway blasts London Mayor after Parsons Green

'I get no confidence from Sadiq Khan' - George Galloway blasts London Mayor on show

Our host didn't hold back on the London Mayor

Monday, September 18, 2017

George Galloway has made it clear he is not confident in Sadiq Khan's ability to protect London. 

The remarks by our host came in the wake of a bombing at Parsons Green tube station on Friday morning.

Following the incident, which injured around 30 people, the London Mayor released a statement to say the capital will never be defeated by terrorism and appealed for calm and vigilance. 

Our host, however, was not impressed by the statement and did not have confidence in Khan's capabilities. 

He said: "I get no confidence from Sadiq Khan, none at all. 

"He doesn’t fill me with any confidence at all that London is safe in his hands.

"I’m tired of the 'don’t look back in anger' approach. I am very angry, I’m looking back in anger and forward with a forensic, steely eye.

"It’s not enough, especially when you can’t even say it very eloquently."

Listen above.