London police using mats with steel spikes to prevent new Barcelona or Westminster attack

Police use steel spikes and nets in attempt to prevent vehicle terrorist attacks

Several vehicle terror attacks have recently taken place

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Road mats with steel spikes are to be used at major events in London to stop terrorists from perpetrating a new Barcelona or Westminster-style vehicle attack.

Scotland Yard has announced that the measure could stop vehicles weighing up to 17 tonnes, according to The Evening Standard.

The mats are called Talon and include spikes made of tungsten steel which should rip through the tyres of vehicles.

When a vehicle hits the spikes, a net then wraps around the front wheels, stopping the vehicle from going further.

The device needs only two officers to activate the net and it can be brought into action in less than a minute.

On Sunday (September 10), Talon was used for the first time at the Naval Association Parade, which took place in Whitehall - close by Westminster Bridge, which was attacked by terrorist Khalid Masood in March.

The Metropolitan Police has said these mats will become commonplace at many large events.

It said: "The speed and low manpower required for deployment means that the nets can be relocated very quickly if necessary.”

Chief Inspector Nick Staley said: “This equipment undoubtedly has the potential to save lives and is just one of a number of measures being taken to provide protection to crowds attending major events in London and reassuring businesses, workers and visitors as they go about their daily lives."

There are already barriers in place on nine bridges in London as well as in other locations in an attempt to prevent the sort of attack which has also blighted Barcelona, Nice and Berlin in recent months.