London religious group filmed preaching anti-gay insults

Monday, January 27, 2020

Police are facing calls to act after a religious group were filmed publically condemning women as “wicked” and homosexuals as “f****ts”.

While delivering a sermon on a street in Dalston, east London, a preacher from the Church of Yahawashi says: “We just came out of a restaurant, and we had two f****ts in there that we had to keep eyes on…we don’t like f****ts.

“But some brothers reserve their comment, because they want to be doing the slaying. Really, they want to put a sword to you.” Followers respond with anti-gay insults.

The minister adds that women have “no regard for our authority …  but we ain’t gonna show no regard for them when the Lord gives us the power to start chopping their f***ing heads off.”

Anti-racism campaign group HOPE not hate has called on the Metropolitan Police to take action over what it said was “extreme and violent homophobia and misogyny”.

The organisation said it has been monitoring the Church of Yahawashi’s activity and been disturbed by the “levels of violent hatred they espouse”.

A spokesman said: “The group have been holding preaching sessions in Brixton, Southwark and Dalston for over a year and are obsessed with the idea of an impending judgement day, in which the group members will take vengeance upon the Edomites, a biblical term used to refer to white and Jewish people:”

The Church of Yahawashi is said to have been inspired by the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ (ICGJC) which HOPE not hate says promotes the idea that Jewish people are “demonic impostors” who have stolen the identity of the Israelites and that white people are “irredeemable devils destined to be destroyed by God”.

The Black Hebrew Israelite movement originated in the US and followers believe the black American population are descendants of Biblical Israelites.

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