London Underground strikes: Mick Cash rattled by Julia Hartley-Brewer during feisty exchange

London Underground strikes: 'The network is creaking at the seams, we must have more front line staff', says the RMT Union

London Underground staff have voted to strike

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a heated debate with Rail, Maritime and Transport Union boss Mick Cash this morning over news of fresh strikes on the London Underground.

Tube staff have voted to strike over separate disputes about safety, staffing and industrial relations. It is thought that the strikes will take place in the run up to Christmas.

Cash defended his members' position by telling Julia that tube operators are "struggling with the amount of people coming through" and suggesting staff are "worried that there’s more cuts coming as the Mayor is under pressure to reduce the budget."

However Julia had little truck with Cash's claims, at one point suggesting "it's all about money with you, isn't it?" and adding that RMT members go on strike "every 20 minutes."

The interview ended with Cash, whose union has weathered heavy criticism this year, complaining that Julia's comments were "slurs" against him and his members.

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