London Waterloo commuters face travel chaos over last-minute engineering issue

last-minute issue in engineering project creates travel disruption at London Waterloo

Commuters face travel misery after the works ran overlong

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

An engineering project meant to be finished after the bank holiday weekend has run overlong, creating fresh travel disruption to commuters in the UK’s busiest train station.

A number of users reported services going into London Waterloo station as delayed or cancelled entirely, with a number of stations along the routes closed.

A number of platforms at the station had already been closed throughout August as work to extend them began.

The project had an overall cost of roughly £800 million.

A spokesman for Network Rail said in a statement the final stages of some of the “biggest and most complex engineering projects” were being completed.

In this stage, it was explained how a last-minute issue in the safety-critical system forced the delay in the project’s termination.

The company said it expected all disruption to have ended by noon on Monday.