Lone seven-year-old girl manages to board flight without ticket

Seven-year-old girl manages to board flight without ticket on her own

The child boarded a plane at Geneva airport

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A seven-year-old girl was able to board a plane after travelling by train to Geneva airport by herself – and without a plane ticket.

The child ran away from her parents on Sunday (October 29) at Geneva’s central railway station, according to The South China Morning Post.

The airport also said she was able to get through security by pretending nearby adults were her parents and then went through the departure gate unnoticed due to being small.

She tried once to board an aircraft but the crew turned her away and she acted as if she was searching for her parents.

On her second attempt she did manage to board a plane, however an official removed her and took her to police officers.

Airport spokesman Bertrand Staempfli said the police were informed about the missing girl and followed her location through security footage.

The airport has said it was a “highly regrettable incident” and will improve security and safety.

The airline involved has not been revealed but the destination of the plane was France.