Lord Adonis: Angela Smith's 'funny tinge' comments were 'unacceptable'

Lord Adonis

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lord Andrew Adonis has said comments made by Angela Smith, in which she referred to people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds as having a “funny tinge”, were "unacceptable".

The Labour peer appeared on the breakfast show, guest hosted by Daisy McAndrew, to discuss the resignation of seven Labour MPs yesterday, including Ms Smith.

In an interview with the BBC following her resignation, Ms Smith appeared to describe BAME people as having a "funny tinge" - an incident she has since apologised for.



"She needed to apologise for that because that is not an acceptable way of describing people. It was an incident which I know she deepy regrets," Lord Adonis said.

"I'm not in any way excusing those remarks, let me be clear. Racism in all its forms is unacceptable, and that is precisely why antisemitism is so serious."

When asked whether he was surprised about the resignations, Lord Adonis said he knew that a group of Labour members had been "deepy unhappy for some time".

"It has been very clear that a group of Labour MPs have been deeply unhappy for some time. I, and many others, have been deepy unhappy with how the Labour leadership has been handling Brexit."