Lord Adonis apologises after telling Brexiteers not to vote Labour

Andrew Adonis

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lord Andrew Adonis has apologised after saying that Brexit supporters should not vote for the Labour Party.

In a radio interview last year, the Labour peer said: "If you are a Brexiter, I hope you won't vote for the Labour Party, because the Labour Party is moving increasingly against Brexit.

"If you want Brexit, you should vote for a party that's going to deliver Brexit, and we're not going to deliver Brexit."

His comments were unearthed by the Brexit Party, who brought attention to them on social media.

Lord Adonis has now apologised in a post on Facebook, saying he was "deeply sorry for the off-the-cuff comments", before urging all voters to back Labour in next month's poll, regardless of their views on Brexit.

The peer is standing in the upcoming European elections for Labour in South West England, where he faces opposition from Rachel Johnson fighting for the Independent Group under the banner Change UK, as well as Ann Widdecombe, who is representing the Brexit Party.

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