Lord Adonis brands Theresa May the 'worst Prime Minister in living memory'

Theresa May

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Lord Andrew Adonis has branded Theresa May the "worst Prime Minister in living memory" during an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer on the breakfast show.

During the interview, broadcast live from the Labour party conference in Liverpool, the Labour peer said: "Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in living memory. I certainly agree on that with Mr Farage.

"The people conducting the negotiations are the government, they're not us. The people that started talking about no-deal were the government. It was the government that published a whole lot of papers.

"What we'll say to our voters is it's not our fault that this is happening. We're having to respond in real-time to a crisis which the government has created."


'I don't agree with Keir'

Lord Adonis also revealed he disagreed with Keir Starmer's stance on having a people's vote as an option if the Chequers plan fails, calling his policy "weak" and "pathetic".

"Can I let you into a secret? I don't agree with Keir, because the policy that he set out yesterday is that in the event of Theresa May's deal collapsing in Parliament, one option on the table would be a people's vote.

"To my mind that's a weak and pathetic position. The right positition for the Labour party, because it's the right position for the country, is that in the event of Parliament not wanting her deal - because it trashes the economy and trashes people's jobs - the right thing then is to go immediately to a people's vote. To have this big faffing around which could last for months, we could be in this zombie period...

"I think we should move to a people's vote immediately after any deal is rejected. So at the moment there's no agreement amongst any of us."