Lord Adonis: A people's vote on Brexit is needed at this 'moment of 'crisis'

Theresa May

Friday, September 21, 2018

Labour peer, Lord Andrew Adonis, has called for a people's vote on Brexit, claiming the public are becoming "increasingly alarmed".

In an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mr Adonis said: "The right thing for Parliament to do now is to call a people's vote, because the people are increasingly alarmed at what's going on. We're a democracy, they're the ones in charge but nothing can happen while Parliament's on holiday."

During his appearance on the Breakfast show, the former transport secretary warned that leaving the EU without a deal would do "untold damage to people's jobs and businesses".

Mr Adonis also criticised the timing of the party conferences, and the number of MPs attending them.

"The party conferences are essentially two days each, not everyone needs to be at them, least of all the MPs. So Parliament should meet. There should be a proper debate next week and the option on the table at this moment of crisis should be to proceed I believe now, to a people's vote.

"There's a brilliant cartoon in the times today of her [Theresa May] turning into a dodo, and so chequers policy becomes increasingly extinct.

"Unless there's a further personal weakening in her own position that she'll remain in office, but she doesn't have a policy, there's certainly no parliamentary majority either for chequers.

"I suspect that she'll stagger on."