Lord Adonis sparks backlash for comparing Brexit to teen suicide

The tweet was posted yesterday

Friday, August 2, 2019

Lord Andrew Adonis has sparked an online backlash after likening a no-deal Brexit to teen suicide.

The Labour peer shared a Twitter post from the Treasury announcing a £2.1bn no deal planning fund, with a caption comparing no deal preparations to a teenager threatening to "slash" their wrists.

The tweet read: "'Mum, you know when I told you in March I was going to slash my wrists if you didn't do what I said?. THIS TIME I REALLY MEAN IT. Just you watch'".

A number of Twitter users demanded that the peer remove the tweet and issue an apology, and one called for Lord Adonis to make a donation to a mental health charity.

Yorkshire Post editor, James Mitchinson, wrote: "Our journalists have been given training on language to use when reporting suicide courtesy of the superb Samaritans - pop in to the office, Andrew, and I’ll enroll [sic] you on the course so you can see just how to avoid contributing to needless loss of precious life."

One Twitter user referred to an old tweet posted by the peer

Another social media user, Nichola Hancock, wrote: "This tweet is repugnant. I'm a proud remainer but also someone who lost their mum to suicide. It's just vile."

However, the peer has refused to bow to pressure, with the tweet still visible on his profile.

In 2018, Lord Adonis criticised now-Prime Minister Boris Johnson for comparing Theresa May's Chequers deal to a suicide bomber.

He tweeted: "Johnson's behaviour a political condition called 'outrage spiral', where the attention-seeking patient makes statements each more outrageous than the last until metaphors of suicide of murder become the norm.

"Only known treatment is barring from responsible office for life."

talkRADIO has contacted Lord Adonis for comment.

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