Lord Adonis: Theresa May's Brexit deal will leave UK in a 'zombie limbo state'

Lord Adonis

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lord Andrew Adonis has slammed Theresa May's divisive Brexit deal, claiming it will leave the UK in a "zombie limbo state" within the EU.

The Labour peer appeared on the breakfast show to discuss the Prime Minister's ongoing efforts to garner support for the deal.

"The worst thing for the country is to leave on Theresa May's deal, because we haven't really left," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"What we are in is a kind of zombie-limbo state where we're going to spend the next five, 10, 15 years in endless ciruclar negotiations probably getting nowhere much,  except possibly somewhere a bit like Norway, where we're trapped in all of the EU's rules and regulations but don't have any say over the making of them which is the very worst place to be."

Ms May addressed the House of Commons yesterday in an attempt to drum up support with MP, but came under fire from both sides, with Jeremy Corbyn calling it a "botched deal" that would leave the UK in the "worst of all worlds".


'Touch it and you're dead'

Theresa May addresses a press conference in Brussels. Image: Getty

Lord Adonis said a change of leader was unlikely, and claimed there was "no great enthusiasm" among potential new Conservative leaders to take on the "third rail of British politics".

"If politics was operating as normal then she would definitely go, but of course this in itself is a highly abnormal act.

"What's very clear is that there's no great enthusaism amongst potntieal new Conservative leaders to take over at this point because whoever takes over at this point has got to deal with the end game of Brexit ,and Brexit is becoming the third rail of British politics - you touch it and you're dead."