Lord Adonis: Theresa May’s deal is ‘£39bn for a load of junk’

Lord Adonis: Theresa May’s deal is ‘£39bn for a load of junk’

Monday, March 11, 2019

Lord Andrew Adonis has described the prime minister’s Brexit deal as “£39billion for a load of junk” as MPs are set to vote on her withdrawal agreement on Tuesday.

The Labour peer told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “There is no chance of her deal going through. It won’t go through because it is a very bad deal - £39bn for a load of junk.

“We will have worse trade and economic relations with the EU than we have got now.



“The money that was supposed to go to the NHS will go to Brussels. Given that we are where we are, the only way to now get through this is to put this deal to the people because it was not there three years ago.”

He added: “It is the people who then decide so it does not matter what MPs think at that point.”

Julia responded that the UK public are “constantly told” that Parliament has to have its say.


'Nothing has changed' 

Julia dismissed Lord Adonis’ call for a second referendum that the British people have “already had their say”.

She added: “Nothing has changed since 2016.”

“Everything has changed since 2016 that is the whole point,” responded Lord Adonis.

“We have got a deal now and we can see the catastrophe of Theresa May’s deal and we can see it is going to make the country worse off.”



He added that Mrs May was unable to find a deal that satisfied him or Julia.

Julia said the prime minister did not need to satisfy Lord Adonis, adding that if a second referendum had to happen that the only two options should be no-deal Brexit or Mrs May’s deal.

She added: “There was not a compromise option between Leave or Remain and therefore we had a binary decision and we were told the government would implement that decision.

“It needs to please Leave voters not Remain voters.”