Lord David Owen 'quite horrified’ by Parliament behaviour

Monday, October 14, 2019

A former Foreign Secretary has said he has been “horrified” by Parliament’s “complete incapacity to make a decision” over Brexit.

Lord David Owen told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I must say I’ve been quite horrified the way the House of Commons has behaved, never has it been anything like this.”

The Brexiteer said the indecision by MPs meant a general election was necessary, criticising MPs for being “afraid” of one.

“We’ve got to have an election, this is a dreadful Parliament; it can’t make up its mind,” he added.

Opposition MPs have twice rejected the Prime Minister’s attempts at calling a general election, saying they would only back one when a no-deal Brexit was off the cards.

However, despite the “stress and strain” on today’s politics, Lord Owen said faith in democracy remained.

“We have an underlying faith, I think, in democracy and basically in Parliament.

“It’s the parliamentarians that are taxing people’s commitment to it, but it’s still there.”

A new parliamentary session will begin today after the longest session in the UK’s history came to a close last week.

A Queen’s speech will lay out government policy and is expected to centre largely around Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan.

Brexit Negotiations are continuing in Brussels with hopes of a breakthrough being kept alive after a suggestion from the Irish deputy premier that a deal could be struck as early as this week.

However, Simon Coveney  also cautioned that “we’re not there yet”.

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