Lord Digby Jones: 'I've had it up to here with the established elite trying to sabotage Brexit'

Brexiteers respond to Nissan: ‘I have had it up to here with this’

Nissan's Sunderland plant, where the X-Trail model was set to be built in.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Lord Digby Jones, a cross-party peer has said he has “had it up to here” with Brexit being blamed for businesses moving production out of the UK.

Nissan announced at the weekend that it had chosen to build its new X-Trail model in Japan, rather than at its Sunderland plant.

He told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I have had it up to here with this. The established elite and Remoaners have been for two and a half years been seeking to sabotage this – the wish of the British people.

"We have had two and a half years of sabotage. If I was Barnier negotiating for Brussels, I would just keep saying no, I would keep bullying you. Why? Because I have a divided church against me.”



He added that the UK should be thanking Nissan for its Sunderland plant.

“What we should have been saying to Nissan was thank you,” he said.

“Thank you for employing 5,000 people in Sunderland. Sunderland was a place to vote 70-30 to come out of the European Union. Thank you for carrying on and having faith in our country.

“We should actually be majoring on what Nissan do to help tomorrow’s car industry this country and in Europe, rather than building something that Europe does not want.”


'Blown out of all proportion'

The Times has reported that the government is now considering withdrawing a £60m package of support for Nissan after being given less than 24 hours' notice of the firm's decision.

Conservative MP Owen Paterson agreed with Lord Jones, saying Nissan had been “a tremendous success story”.

The MP for North Shropshire told Hartley-Brewer: “We don’t know what the agreements were with Nissan… Nissan has been a tremendous success story and about the most efficient car plant in Europe.

“The fact that they have decided to keep the production of one model, which does not sell in Europe, back in Japan when diesel has taken absolute hammering because of European regulations, I think it has been blown out of all proportion.

“Digby is absolutely right we should be looking at the products of the future.”