Lord Heseltine tells James Whale his solution to Brexit

Lord Heseltine

Friday, September 14, 2018

Conservative politician Lord Heseltine has revealed a three step approach he claims would "diffuse much of the Brexit case".

Speaking to James Whale, the former Deputy Prime Minister proposed a new policy of immigration involving tough border controls, a limit on the movement of people and an aid programme in the countries which are being fled by refugees.

"I think it would now be possible if there was someone to lead this concept, to reapproach Europe and say look, there's got to be a new form of policy to deal with immigration and it has to have three characteristics.

"First a tough border control which we all share, secondly a limit to the rate at which movement of people can take place, and thirdly a generous aid programme for the countries from which the immigrants are coming because they see how much better off we are than they are.

"I think a policy of that sort will have to come in Europe and if we could be part of it then we could diffuse much of the Brexit case.

"If Margaret Thatcher was still leading this country would she have got us into this situation?", Whale asked.

"First of all she would not have left," Lord Heseltine said.

"She signed the Single European Act because she was not prepared for Europe to make rules in our absence."