Lord Tebbit: I think Priti Patel will be the next Prime Minister

Patel currently serves as international development secretary

Priti Patel is Lord Tebbit's favourite to take over from Theresa May

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tory grandee Lord Tebbit has said he's backing Priti Patel to be the next leader of the party - and Prime Minister.

The former Conservative party chairman, a senior figure in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet, was speaking to Sam Delaney after Jacob Rees-Mogg refused to rule out a tilt at the Tory leadership.

Tebbit said that, while Rees-Mogg has many qualities, he lacks the experience to take over from Theresa May and Patel, the international development secretary, would be a better choice.

Patel is an "outstandingly good minister," Tebbit said, and it would be great for the Tories to have "the first Asian woman" as leader.

As an alternative, he said Dominic Raab would be a sound choice, as his knowledge of law would help smooth the Brexit negotiations.

Tebbit also had some harsh words for Jeremy Corbyn as he discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Rees-Mogg's potential candidacy.

When Sam suggested Rees-Mogg was the Tories' answer to Labour's hard-left leader, as both have risen to prominence from nowhere, Tebbit responded "you can't compare Rees-Mogg to Corbyn. Apart from anything else, Rees-Mogg doesn't support the IRA."

On the subject of Philip Hammond's letter, Tebbit said the whole exercise was slightly ridiculous, adding that such shows of unity should be thrashed out behind closed doors.

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