Love guru who charges £8,000 reveals the best way for women to entice a man

'Women must take more dating risks and raise their standards', says love guru

Matthew Hussey revealed his dating advice

Friday, July 21, 2017

A 'love guru' who charges women £8,000 to help them find the partner of their dreams has told talkRADIO the best way for a woman to catch a man's attention.

Matthew Hussey, dating columnist for Cosmopolitan and a successful 'romantic advisor', told Carole Malone: "There are so many women out there today who are struggling to meet great guys. They’re struggling to take risks.

"I always say one of the best ways [for women to approach men] is to ask the guy a favour. 

"When he realises 'oh wow I can actually say a few words to this woman without being shot down' that’s usually when they get the courage to do something."

He added: "The more approachable you can make yourself the more likely you are to be the person he approaches."

Hussey believes women need to raise their standards as "too many women these days are accepting bad behaviour from men.

"I think it’s nonsense. I think that everyone else is in this race to the bottom, you don’t have to join it."

He also gave examples of great texts for women to send to men, listen to the full interview above to find out more