Love Island criticised for lack of body diversity

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Love Island could have a ‘fantastically positive impact’ if it puts in a more diverse line-up, says Assistant Lifestyle Editor at The Independent and Love Island fan Rachel Hosie.

The show has come under-fire from viewers for producing a line-up that doesn't reflect body diversity, with some fans calling themselves 'fat' at the sight of slender looking cast members. 

Cosmopolitan reported that makers from the show responded to a fan saying: “The physical appearance of a contestant is not the main criteria in the selection process – no-one is chosen for the way they look of body-type alone.”

“There are a variety of different factors selecting each Islander, bearing in mind that they must also be both physically and mentally able to meet any challenges they may face in the villa.”


Talking to Mike Graham on talkRADIO, Rachel Hosie said: “I think this is one of the biggest problems with the show- it’s just completely behind the times.

“We’re living in 2018 for goodness sake where more and more clothing companies are putting out much more diverse range of models to show that there is not one way to look beautiful in all kinds of clothes, that there’s not one body type you have to have to wear a bikini. And Love Island brings out this line-up of very skinny woman and very muscular men and I think it sends a completely backwards and potentially a very damaging.”

 “If a show like Love Island had put in - I’m not saying one or two token larger men or woman, I’m saying just a diverse line-up of bodies with all different shapes and sizes - I think it would’ve had a fantastically positive impact.”

“This is a show that’s supposed to be about good personalities and coupling up, and finding love. People find all different body shapes and sizes attractive, so it’s not like if you put bigger people in there they wouldn’t find love, but it’s not like they wouldn’t be good television - you can be entertaining regardless of your body shape," she added. 

“You can be very attractive and very fanciable at all different body shapes and sizes. If you look at a show like First Dates, which is real life people who don’t look like super models or stars, people absolutely adore watching their love stories because they feel like they’re being represented.”