Love Island’s Sam Bird: Celebrities selling fad diet products give young fans ‘false hope’

Love Island’s Sam Bird: Celebrities selling fad diet products give young fans ‘false hope’

Love Island's Sam Bird. Image: Sam Bird/Twitter

Monday, February 4, 2019

Love Island’s Sam Bird has said that celebrities who post on social media selling fad diet products are giving their followers “false hope” because the products do not always work.

The reality star, who appeared on the 2018 season of the ITV show told talkRADIO’s Harriet Minter that people in the public eye had a "big responsibility" to be honest with their fans, particularly those featuring in shows that attracted young audiences.

“I trained for ten weeks to get my six pack before Love Island," he revealed. "I had a strict diet, didn’t use the health products and just ate real food."

"The companies don’t want you to post about celery and the vegetables, they want you to promote the powders, which aren’t necessarily going to get you the results. They can give you complete false hope.”



He said that often people take sponsored Instagram posts promoting products too seriously but that “it is not their fault”.

“A celebrity will want to show their best on Instagram and it is very much ‘show your best and hide the rest’," Bird said.

He added: “I was not prepared to say I was on this powder now simply to get me fit. I could do that to earn some money now I have gained some weight but I am losing it naturally.

“I am eating healthy – lots of fruit and vegetables – and I am training in the gym.”


'They don't know what the benefits are'

Bird said that celebrities who promote products they don’t actually agree with should potentially be banned from social media sites.

“I think that some of the celebrities who are promoting stuff that they do not agree with should get a warning from Instagram,” he said.

“They should potentially have strikes where they could get a ban.”



He added: “[Celebrities] are either not using it or they don’t know what the benefits or the negatives are before they post.

“It might come through the agent and they will tell them how much it costs and they won’t think twice.

“They will potentially just think of the money and go straight to making a post.”