Luton shootout captured on CCTV

Luton shootout

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Footage has emerged of a gangland shootout between a cyclist and five men in a car on a residential Luton street last year.

Reanae Charlery, 21, can be seen ducking as two shotgun blasts are fired at him from the rear window of a speeding Skoda driven by members of a rival gang.

Charlery was yesterday found guilty of possession of an imitation firearm, as well as a separate drugs charge, and received four years and three months.


Last month Fahied Ali, 18, was sentenced to seven years for the shooting, in addition to an armed robbery in which he stole designer clothing at knifepoint.

Accomplice Kevin Raveendrakumar, 19, received three years after being caught in the backseat of the Skoda.

The men pursued Charlery in a car through the Hockwell Ring suburb of Luton, before continuing the chase on foot while wielding knives.

Although nobody was injured in the shootout, one of the shots landed in a family home while children were inside.

DS Liz Mead of Bedfordshire Police said she believed the incident was drugs and gang-related, and added the lack of regard shown for public safety was “incredibly concerning.”