'Lyn Brown is one of the most feisty, admirable, plucky women that I know', says Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner

Labour's international trade spokesperson Barry Gardiner has said Diane Abbott has a serious long term illness and replacement Lyn Brown is a feisty admiral plucky woman.  Diane Abbott has stood down as shadow home secretary due to ill health and Labour's shadow minister for policing Lyn Brown will be taking over.  Gardiner told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "Let me say that I think Diane is clearly not well, and I understand that it’s a condition which has been diagnosed and is long term and I think anybody who’s

Diane Abbott is taking a break from her role (Stock image)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Labour's Barry Gardiner has said Lyn Brown is one of the most feisty, admiral, plucky women that he knows.

Brown is taking over from Diane Abbott as the shadow home secretary, as she takes a break due to illness.

Gardiner told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I’ve known Lynn for many years, I’m very proud to serve with her because she’s been an admirable MP and she’s served her constituents absolutely superbly

"I know nobody who fights harder for people and in particular for people who are at the bottom of the pile in our society than Lyn Brown.

"If you listen to any of the things she has said and see the work she has done, she is one of the most feisty, admirable, plucky women I know."

Julia Hartley-Brewer also asked Labour's international trade spokesperson, one of Jeremy Corbyn's key allies, about an incident where Brown barged into talkSPORT's politcal editor who is blind, and she was heard making an offensive comment six years ago.

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