M5 roadworks become unlikely tourist attraction

Oldbury Viaduct

The Oldbury Viaduct has been mockingly hailed as one of Britain's top tourist attractions.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A set of motorway roadworks in the West Midlands has become an unlikely social media star.

Highways England set up the Oldbury Viaduct Facebook page to keep road users up to date with ongoing major maintenance work on the M5.

Frustrated motorists have flocked to the page to leave tongue-in-cheek reviews praising the roadworks as one of Britain’s top tourist attractions.


One user wrote: “We all have memorable moments that have shaped our lives - our first kiss, the birth of our first child, the day we got married.

“For me, none of these compares to the first moment I slowly edged onto junction 2 of the M5 and feasted my eyes upon the breathtaking splendour of the oldbury viaduct roadworks.”

Another mused: “Given the queues to see this attraction are so vast and so many thousands of people attending daily, this has surely got to be one of the UK’s most popular attractions.”

The work is the biggest concrete repair project ever undertaken on Britain’s roads, according to Highways England.

The repairing and waterproofing is expected to be completed in the spring, after last summer’s heat wave delayed the project by six months.