M62 shooting: UK police will become routinely armed, says former officer

M62 shooting: 'UK police will become routinely armed', says former officer

Police on call at a crime scene (stock photo)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A former Metropolitan police officer has claimed that UK police officers will eventually be routinely armed in the wake of a shooting on the motorway.

A man was shot dead by police during an operation on the M62 yesterday near Huddersfield, with West Yorkshire police confirming a firearm had been discharged around 6pm. 

Five people were arrested as a result of the incident, and the force have confirmed terrorism is not involved.

Michael Smith MBE, a former officer in the Metropolitan Police, told Julia Hartley-Brewer "UK police officers will become routinely armed."

However he added "we wouldn’t want our police force seen to be operating as many of our colleagues in the US where they shoot first and ask questions later.

"But this is the reality of it because of the way the world is going - extremism being a global situation, where every country is suffering as a result of some form of terrorist activity."