Mail on Sunday columnist Rachel Johnson backtracks on David Beckham criticism: 'He definitely deserves a knighthood'

 David Beckham hack: 'It's scary because everything you put online is hackable', says columnist Rachel Johnson

David Beckham's personal emails in relation to a knighthood in 2013 have been hacked

Monday, February 6, 2017

One of Britain's most prominent newspaper columnists has backtracked on her criticism of David Beckham and said he deserves a knighthood.

Emails from the former footballer to his PR manager, which have been released by hackers and published in the press, reveal a vitriolic response to not receiving a knighthood in 2013. The messages reveal that Beckham was particularly angry about being overlooked for a knighthood, allegedly calling the honours committee "unappreciative c**ts."

It has been suggested that Beckham's vigorous charity work was solely motivated by a desire to get a knighthood. The Mail on Sunday has also claimed that Beckham was passed over for such recognition because of questions surrounding his tax affairs. 

Rachel Johnson, the sister of Boris and a Mail on Sunday columnist , wrote yesterday (Sunday): "it turns out it was all [the star's charity work] was about Brand Beckham after all, and ‘Golden Balls’ has feet of clay." However today she appeared to backtrack on these comments, suggesting we shouldn't judge Beckham over the release of his private emails.

She told talkRADIO: "By any standard, David Beckham has been a phenomenal ambassador for Britain, It's understandable he thought he might get some recognition, and his rage is also understandable.

"He might not be the squeaky clean person we assumed he was, but I’m uncomfortable with the fact that he’s been judged because of his personal email content.

"But this [email hack] makes his knighthood probably less likely, which I find sad because he definitely deserves it."

Beckham has claimed the emails were "doctored" although he admitted sending them. 

talkRADIO has reached out to his PR firm for comment regarding the tax allegations.