Majority of British people support Jeremy Corbyn policies - report

Jeremy Corbyn's policies appear to chime with the British public

Jeremy Corbyn's policies appear to chime with the British public

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A number of Jeremy Corbyn's flagship policies are supported by at least half the British population, despite his dismal poll ratings.

That's according to a report by ComRes The Independent, whose findings will bring some succour for the embattled Labour leader after a difficult few weeks.

Mr Corbyn's demand for a £10 minimum wage (which has received the enthusiastic backing of his supporters in Momentum) is backed by 71% of the British people, the ComRes findings suggest, while 62% of Britons support his proposal to raise the top rate of tax from 45 to 50p.

The Labour leader's campaign for free school meals, which would be funded with a VAT levy on private school fees, also has majority support, with 53% of British people thinking it's a good idea.

Mr Corbyn told The Independent: “Our policies are popular because to most people it’s common sense that our government should act in the interests of the overwhelming majority and that will mean taking on the powerful.

“The people in Britain have been held back too long but we have the ideas and the will to change the country for the better. There’s so much more to come and as the party comes together to campaign for these popular polices, we are convinced our support in the polls will increase.”

Mr Corbyn continues to face heavy criticism of his performance as Labour leader, with critics suggesting he is incapable of uniting the party and connecting with the British people.

Recent disappointments have included Labour's defeat in the Stoke by-election, criticism of Mr Corbyn's performance at Prime Minister's Questions in the wake of the Government's budget shambles, and a disagreement between the leader and his deputy Tom Watson over Syria.

Labour's poll ratings have fallen to historic lows, although Mr Corbyn and his supporters claim negative media coverage is primarily responsible for the figures.