Male circumcision could 'arguably be called bodily harm'

Men Do Complain

Men Do Complain campaigners

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

An anti-genital mutilation campaigner has claimed there is "no legal basis" for carrying out male circumcision.

Richard Duncker, from campaign group Men Do Complain, likened male circumcision to causing someone "bodily harm".

"There is absolutely no legal basis for taking a knife and putting it through the full thickness of anybody's skin. It doesn't matter which part of the body it is," Mr Duncker said.

"We have the Offences Against the Person Act which describes a cut through the full thickness of the skin as a wounding, and it could arguably be called bodily harm."

Appearing on the John Nicolson show, Mr Duncker said children had a right to grow up with "an intact body".

His appearance on the show followed the case of 23-year-old Alex Hardy, who killed himself after experiencing complications from circumcision, which he had opted for aged 21.

"People have to be aware of the phrase 'informed consent', and that does mean fully informed consent," Mr Duncker added.

"It is an absolute tragedy that people go into this operation possibly reassured 'Oh it won't have too much of an affect', and they find that actually it does have a large affect."

However, the campaigner said he had nothing against circumcision if those who underwent it were fully aware of the risks, and old enough to understand them.

He added: "I would say it's a procedure of absolutely last resort, when everything else has been tried."

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