Male contraception 'raises hurdles for men', says Dr. Pam Spurr

Male contraception 'all about trust', says Dr. Pam Spurr

The male contraceptive works by injection (stock photo)

Friday, October 28, 2016

The new male contraceptive will raise a number of new issues for men to deal with, according to Dr. Pam Spurr. 

This follows the results of a year-long study that showed an injected male contraceptive which lowers sperm count was 96% effective in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies. 

The jab contains a long-acting form of progestogen, a hormone which works to block sperm production controlled by the brain's pituitary gland, and testosterone to counter-balance reductions in male hormone levels.

Dr. Spurr, a psychologist and sex and relationship expert, revealed why taking contraception will break new ground in male culture and could raise new issues for couples. 

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