Male nurse treats himself after realising he's having a heart attack

Man treats himself after realising he's having a heart attack

The man was working alone in a remote health centre (Stock image)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A nurse in Australia managed to treat himself when he realised he was having a heart attack.

At the time the man was working alone in a health clinic in Coral Bay, a remote settlement of Western Australia, according to Gulf News.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports the 44-year-old had chest pains and became dizzy. He was able to attach himself to an electrocardiogram, which meant he could see problems with his heart and confirmed the attack.

The man was then able to email this information to another doctor, using the emergency telehealth service, and was able to talk to a physician online.

He had to insert intravenous lines in his own arms as he needed a clot-dissolving drug, blood thinners and aspirin.

The nurse attached defibrillator pads to himself and prepared drugs which treat problems with the rhythm of the heart which are adrenaline, atropine and amiodarone.

Thankfully the drugs he had already given himself stopped the heart attack before this was needed.

The day after the heart attack he was taken to a Perth cardiology unit for further treatment and was allowed home after two days.

Experts claimed his medical knowledge helped him to save his life and the vice chair of a New York emergency department said “it was quite genius to be able to do all these things.”

However experts have warned that non-trained people hould not try to treat themselves, although they said drugs to dissolve clots are often administered to people having attacks who aren't near a hospital.