Malia Bouattia loses NUS presidency to former drug courier after anti-semitism controversy

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The president of the National Union of Students has been sensationally lost her bid for re-election, after a series of controversies surrounding anti-semitism.

Malia Bouattia was beaten by Shakira Martin, a mature student who says she learnt her leadership and negotiation skills from supplying drugs.

Martin, who has told journalists she grew up in a deprived area and acted as a drug courier to make money, has pledged to fight further education cuts and suggested she is even more radical than Jeremy Corbyn.

She also caused controversy earlier this year by accepting an invitation to Israel with the Union of Jewish Students.

Her predecessor, Bouattia, was dogged by accusations of anti-semitism after a series of comments about Jews and Zionism which were picked up by the national press.

One such controversy, after she called Birmingham University a 'Zionist outpost', led the Home Affairs Select Committee to accuse her of "outright racism."