Malta plane crash: Frontex officials were on way to Libya, says journalist

The crash in Malta (Credit: @Aviation_Plaza)

Monday, October 24, 2016

A journalist in Malta has revealed the investigation is ongoing into the cause of a plane crash in Malta. 

At least five people have died after a plane crash-landed in a nearby field beside the airport on the island. The aircraft was believed to be carrying officials from the EU border agency Frontex.

Kelly, who works at ONE Radio in Malta, explained the situation.

"From information we have, it's a military airplane which was on its way to Libya," she told Paul Ross. "For some reason, it crashed in a field very close to the airport. 

"We can confirm the five people on board have actually died, and we do have reports there might have been a sixth victim as well. 

"Flights have been suspended until further notice, and we don't have any information as to when they'll be back. 

"The investigation is on-going."