Man accused of kidnapping stepdaughter and having nine children with her

Man accused of kidnapping stepdaughter and having nine children with her

A man is accused of having children with his stepdaughter (Stock image)

Friday, December 15, 2017

A man has been accused of kidnapping his stepdaughter and keeping her as a captive for roughly 19 years as well as being the father of her nine children.

It is alleged that Henri Michelle Piette kidnapped Rosalynn Michelle McGinnis in either 1995 or 1996 with the intention of having sex with her, according to 9 News.

Court records show he has also been charged with raping a victim under the age of 14, lewd molestation and child abuse.

McGinnis is now 33 years old and claims she escaped from the man in Mexico last year, before going to the US Embassy to gain passports for herself and children in order to go back to America.

Her first two children were allegedly conceived when she was under 18, and the next seven afterwards.

DNA samples have been taken from eight of the children by federal officials in order to look at their relationship, but it is not yet clear where the ninth child is.

An FBI agent has stated that he believes the first time the man had sex with McGinnis was when she was just 11 or 12 in a room where she was sharing a bunk bed in Wagoner, Oklahoma.

It is claimed the 63-year-old then travelled in both America and Mexico with McGinnis but they would both write letters in Oklahoma to trick people into believing they were both still living there.

The FBI agent has also alleged the pair married in a van where Piette gave the girl a ring.

In order to continue this lifestyle it is claimed Piette changed his name regularly as well as McGinnis's so authorities would not be alerted.

The woman has also claimed Piette has connections with the mafia in Mexico. The man is currently being held in custody in Oklahoma.