Man admits pushing another man in front of rush-hour tube train

Alan Alencar's attack was described as 'completely random'

Alan Alencar's attack was described as 'completely random'

Friday, February 9, 2018

A 29-year-old man has today pleaded guilty to attempted murder, after he admitted pushing a man in front of an oncoming tube train in London.

Alan Alencar, of Edinburgh, was at Bayswater underground station at around 5pm on Thursday November 2 last year.

CCTV showed him sitting on a bench and watching a man, identified as Alain Lesjongard, approach an oncoming District Line train to board.

Alencar approached Lesjongard and, without warning, pushed him with both hands onto the track.

The train ran over the spot where the man was lying but he survived with injuries to his ankle which required surgery, and a number of other injuries.

Alencar was arrested a short while later in the entrance hall to the station. He was charged on November 3 and today pleaded guilty to attempted murder at the Old Bailey.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Ian Trantum said: “Miraculously, the victim in this case survived with relatively minor injuries, but this could have been much worse – he easily could have lost his life. The two men had not had any contact prior to this completely random attack.

“Alencar was quickly identified by CCTV and arrested by officers at the scene. We’re pleased he chose to plead guilty today in order to save the victim from facing a trial.

“Thankfully incidents of this nature are extremely rare on the rail network and we’ll now assist the court working towards the sentencing date.”