Man admits to tying ex-girlfriend to car and dragging her along the ground - with two-year-old inside

Man admits to driving and dragging ex-girlfriend along ground, whilst two-year-old is in car

The woman was tied up with a rope (Stock image. Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Monday, May 22, 2017

A man in Germany has admitted to tying his ex-girlfriend to a car and dragging her along the road, whilst their two-year-old son was inside.

The 28-year-old woman had a rope tied around her neck and attached to a car. She was then dragged along the ground for around 200 metres, until the rope came undone.

Members of the public found her injured in the street in November and she was taken to hospital.

Before dragging her along the road, the 39-year-old man also allegedly attacked the woman with a knife and axe.

The mother survived the attack but remains heavily affected by the injuries she sustained, according to The Local.

The man has been accused of attempted murder, but he told the court he had not planned to kill the woman.

He claimed the axe and rope found in his car had actually been intended for gardening.

The court also heard that he planned to commit suicide once he had given his son back to the mother.

The man's defence says he deeply regrets the acts he committed against his ex-girlfriend and their son.