Man blames car crash on spider sitting above his head

Man blames car crash on spider above his head

A man blamed a car crash on a spider (Stock image)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A driver has claimed the reason he crashed his car into a ditch was due to a spider.

The 26-year-old man told emergency services he drove his car into the ditch on Sunday (May 7) after he saw a spider on the sun visor above his head, according to CBS News.

He escaped the crash uninjured however his 29-year-old female passenger injured her wrist, requiring treated at the scene in Michigan.

The sheriff's department found the reason for the crash rather strange, so posted about it on Facebook, sparking a debate about whether it was a real excuse.

One Facebook user said: "Any spider is big. This would be me for sure."

However another argued: "Sorry, no tolerance for this.

"When you transport passengers you are charged with their safe arrival at the destination. Decisions made to deviate your attention to a spider and forgo your first responsibility parallels a decision to text or drink and drive."