Man claims video games saved his life, as he releases his own game

Man claims video games saved his life, as he releases his own game

Daniel Simons says he taught himself programming (Stock image)

Friday, September 15, 2017

A man has claimed that video games saved his life and he has now released his own game, which he hopes will be the first of many.

The 23-year-old revealed that he was the only one of his four siblings to finish school, which he attended in what he calls a dangerous neighbourhood.

Daniel Simons explained that his mother and father had their first children when they were just teenagers and his mother used drugs, La Vanguardia reported.

She eventually passed away from a drug overdose, but Simons said he managed to make his life more bearable by focusing on his computer game hobby.

He revealed that he was given a computer and a CD by his father when he was 12 and learned about programming alone.

Simons claimed this meant he was able to escape reality and it helped him to stay away from drugs.

In order to fund his first-ever video game, Bildo, he used crowdfunding and the money enabled him to create not only the game, but also a company called Dalesi.

He works on the company with his girlfriend and one of his brothers and aims to use money raised from Bildo to start a new project.

Bildo can be found on his Facebook page Dalesi Bildo and can also be purchased from Steam for €5 (£4.45).

Due to his success, Simons has also been invited to Ted Talks several times to tell the story of his life as an example for other people.