Man clings on to the top of a stolen car as it races down the motorway

Man clings on to the top of a stolen car, as it races down the motorway

A man held on to the top of a car as it went down the motorway

Friday, January 6, 2017

When a man saw a thief stealing his father's car, he naturally decided the best course of action would be to jump on top of it.

Osama Aoukili was outside on a cigarette break when he noticed someone stealing his dad's Renault Clio, Le Progres reported.

The car had a luggage rack on the top, so Aoukili climbed on top and held on, as the thief drove the car out of Oyonnax onto a motorway, Stuff claimed.

Aoukili called the police, and an officer spotted the car, beginning a pursuit.

Despite the car swerving, braking harshly and travelling at speeds of up to 80mph, he managed to stay on top of the car.

Police commander Christophe Lesznewski said the chase lasted for a few minutes, before leaving the main road and slowing down, at which point Aoukili jumped off.

The thief was caught and arrested by police.