Man creates a chatroom profile for his wife - with 'horrible' results

Couple's chatroom gender experiment receives 'horrible' results

Jessica Eaton had her husband create a male and female profile on an online forum (Credit: Twitter @Jessicae13Eaton)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A couple's social experiment with an online chatroom highlighted a difference in how men and women are treated online.

Jessica Eaton, from Staffordshire, asked her husband Alex to create two profiles - a man and a woman, both aged 18 - and log onto a chatroom.

She asked her husband to make the profiles "non-sexual" but Alex soon gained a glimpse of the ordeal many women go through online.

The 18-year-old male profile received no messages, while the 18-year-old female profile received a number of sexual messages and images within seconds. 

Alex, who was monitoring the profiles, had received 40 contact messages within half an hour, the volume of traffic crashing his phone.

The results of the experiment were told on Twitter, and were called "horrible."

It quickly went viral, being retweeted and favourited more than 1,000 times.